Day: November 27, 2011

Sunday Silly

Gotta love the Onion News Network (ONN).  I was originally trying to find one of their reports on their recent show that had a panel discussion on how to keep your amateur porn from getting you a job.  Couldn’t find that (yet), but ran into this hilarious report mocking our American, puritanical views on sex.

Also, a device we all need in our daily lives.

Celebondage & Movie Caps

Something to be Thankful for today… celebrities that are tied up!  A mix of some photo shopped pics, as well as screen caps.  Enjoy!  A big thank to the usual GINES, as well as BenBound from All Tied Up blog, who have given us some great caps of bondage scenes with celebs.  Visit his blog to see full sets; this is just a drop in the bucket to what he’s updated!

First up is GINES, with one of my new crushes, Patrick Schwarzenegger.  Yes, he is 18.  Thank goodness.







He’s not tied up here, but I can imagine it, can’t you?

And I’ve got to hand it to GINES… he does amuse me by putting my body with celebrities.  I don’t think it’s all that convincing, but it does put a smile on my face.


Now onto some authentic celebondage pics.  Again, visit All Tied Up for full sets.  You won’t be disappointed!

Matthew Mcconaughey



From a movie called Virtual Reality



From the movie Barracuda, a French film from 1997, I believe.  Would love to see it one day.  I love creepy films, and the bondage looks amazing.
Kyle Gallner, from Red State.  This pic courtesy of Guys in Trouble.
Alan Ritchson, from Superherofan.  He usually only features shirtless celebs, but sometimes some bondage and feet creep in there.  Not enough for my taste, but that’s not his focus.