Slave Abuse

Some things I’d like to make my slaves endure…

And a quick repost of something I mentioned yesterday.  Let me please first mention that I’d love it if you can vote for one or both of my blogs at Best Male Blogs.  Last time I checked, if you search under the “Fetish, BDSM, Kink” and sort by “Popularity”, this blog is in the Top 10.  But I’d love to see it recognized even more, especially with ratings   Being on the home page would be awesome!

I asked for a similar request just yesterday on my other blog, Captured Heroes, and look what happened!

That’s right–Top 5!  With Gaydemon being #1, I’m pretty proud.  When I checked Sunday night, it had moved up to #4.  Even better!

Now, this blog gets twice as many viewers as Captured Heroes.  So I know a lot of you visit and enjoy.  Take a moment to support and vote now.

Lastly in the shameless plug category, don’t forget to do your holiday shopping via the links on my blog!  Even better, Mr. S Leather is having free shipping until December 18.  Take advantage of it now, even I think I’m going to buy a few things for myself!  And I’ve just added JT’s Stockroom, which was recently featured on an episode of American Horror Story.  I’ve been in that same location personally a few times!  In further news, if you do happen to be local, I just heard they are having a sale at their retail store this upcoming weekend.  I hope to be there!  But if you can’t, buy it from the site.  It’s another great way to support what I do.

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