Extra Update

Been getting quite a few new twitter followers recently.  Thanks for that!  It’s been great fun interacting with people there.

If you do follow me, then you already know I won this little item in a raffle at work.

Won this in a raffle at work today... Could make future self ... on Twitpic

So now I should be able to take much better self pics and videos.  Speaking of which, I did win it a little too late… I’ve actually been a very busy guy and just filmed a lot of new self pics and videos.  Many of the videos are gunge related, which I know isn’t for everyone… so there’s going to be a sock/feet related one as well.  I may even redo it again with the new tripod!

And again, if anyone is in a giving mood, or would like to contribute, I have a very short wishlist at eXtreme Restraints.  If you want me to film more videos, I really could use the spandex hood!  But all the items are things I would use in play, and would eventually post to the blog.

Lastly, if you are looking for some last minute gifts, don’t forget to visit my Shopping page!  Every item you by via that link helps support this blog, and at no extra cost to you.  So it’d be much appreciated!  I have to admit, I went on a bit of a shopping spree myself.  You’ll hear more about it later…

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