How my BF ties me

I recently got a very nice email from someone who said he was a fan of the ropework I present here in my original content.  He was even interested in meeting with us to learn more… that was pretty cool!  That’s really a compliment for my boyfriend Sam, who does basically all the ropework you see me in here.  But Sam is a very private person, so I don’t think he’ll be leading a class anytime soon.  But it did prompt me to ask him how he does his ropework, and I learned some interesting things from him!

  1. He enjoys symmetry.
  2. He basically improvises, and goes off his instinct.  
  3. He ties in ways that would turn him on to see.
  4. He believes in “less is more” bondage.  Using a minimum of rope to achieve maximum bondage.

I think #3 is the most interesting one to me.  It really simplifies things, and it actually parallels how I work with slaves.  Sometime ago I discussed how I come up with tasks for slaves.  I responded by saying I order what I’d like to see done to me, for the most part.  Odd how we have very similar approaches. 

And while I do certainly enjoy having rope everywhere, I do agree that there’s something to be said about the less is more technique.  I still remember years later a post in TieGuyUK where he bound a guy, thumbs to big toes in a similated hogtie, using two small cable ties.  And that was it.  Very immobilizing with maybe 8 inches total of restraint equipment?  Hot!

I’m posting a pic where I used the same approach.  My victim is sitting in a chair with wrist and ankle restraints on.  I used one 6 foot rope, and fed it through each of the restraints and tied it off to a support of the chair.  He told me it was quite effective.  And I have to admit, thinking of point #1, there’s a nice symmetry here.

It was something we had never discussed before, and it was fun for me, his partner of over 5 years, to learn something new about him!

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