Flip Flop Boy has been at it for a while, but today it’s my turn (although I can’t lie that I’m reusing a few of his). Hope you all enjoy the holiday weekend!

As a gift from me to you, starting on Monday of next week until the New Year, there will be double posts!  At the usual time will be original TFG content.  Later on in the day, there will be net pics.  A treat from me to you!

I am thinking of doing a site redesign for the new year… but while the look of the blog may change, rest assured the content will remain the same.

Thanks for sticking with me, visiting, and making me a Top 12 Best Male Blog.  It lasted for well over a week!  I still can’t believe I beat Gaydemon, even if it was brief.  Since then, both blogs have dropped out, although I sort of expected that.  But still,  please keep up the voting, it’s a free, easy way to give back to me… you don’t even need to register.  Also enjoying all the new Twitter followers.  Feel free to chat with me there!

I think we all agree this is the time of year to be… naughty!  Because for us, that is being nice.

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