Sunday Silly: Happy Holidays!

First, a few holiday wishes pics from GINES.

Gotta love Fred Schnieder (of the B 52’s, if you didn’t know). Once you get this song in your head, it’s not easy to get it out.  Oh, there are 2 shirtless guys dancing it it, so there is some sexiness too.

On a whole ‘nother level is the… captivating… and certainly unique… song by Wing. She is a real “singer”, made most famous from South Park.

Now, if you’re like anything I was for many years, I didn’t actually have a whole lot of enjoyable plans for the holiday.  So if you fall into that category, feel free to distract yourself with this little simulation game where you try to score some dates.

Enjoy your holiday! Back to perversion tomorrow, and with double posts until 2012!

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