Star Gazing; Your Favorite Post of 2011?

It really has been quite a year, hasn’t it?  Some ups and downs… and interesting surprises, as a totally unrelated post I did about Legos becomes my 7th most viewed post of all time.  Who’d’ve thunk it?  Should I just be posting about Legos now?  (Okay, “Lego bricks”… technically, the plural “Legos” is one the Lego company detests, but I still use often anyway–just showing you how nerdy I really am.)

I’ve also been asked to choose a single post from the past year by Best Gay Bloggers to enter a competition for Best Gay Blog Article for 2011.  That’s a very cool honor, but wow, to choose a single favorite article of the year?  It has to include at least one pic, but I don’t think that’s a problem for me.  I don’t know, readers… did you have a favorite article?  Something to think about for the new year.  And no, as much as I enjoy it, I’m not going to submit the Lego one.  😉

Onto the final post of the year… in a change of pace, no real feet or bondage here… just celebs I think are hot, looking hot.

Christopher Gorham
Zac Efon.  Love the devlish look on his face here…  I image it’s how he’d stare at me just before putting the duct tape over my mouth.

Zac in a shirt that has been discredited as photoshopped… but I don’t care.


Chord Overstreet
Brian Austin Green
Justin Long
Colton Hayes

As you stare off into these beautiful bodies, I’ll be seeing you next year… think about that favorite post, now.

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