TFG Slave

So not too long ago, my BF decided to surprise me again by forcing me into bondage when I was working at home on my computer.  I spent the next few hours working as such.

Later we had sex, of course.  No pics, sadly, because as is sometimes the case… you get so into it, it just slips your mind.  But I do have a fun aspect of it I wanted to write about.  At one point, my BF had me hogtied, blindfolded, and on my side, by the edge of the bed.  My BF was standing in front of me, having me suck his cock.  But then he put both his hands on my head, immobilizing it.  He told me to stop moving.  I did, and he continued to slide his dick in and out of my mouth, calling me his sex toy.  I had to admit, it was super hot being dehumanized like that.  I totally got off on it.

Just wanted to share that.  Something to think about for the New Year, eh?

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