Day: January 1, 2012

Wanted: Online Slave

For a moment, I didn’t recognize the body on this pic.   Then I realized, “Oh… it’s me!”  Thanks to GINES, who knows how to flatter me.

It’s a new year!  And with it, possibly a new beginning.  So I’m going to start off with a request.  Presently, I don’t have an online slave.  (Read what happened with SBS_justin here.)  But I have to admit that at the moment, I’m sort of in the mood to boss someone around and humiliate a twink.  So I guess I’m putting out an open invitation to anyone who’s interested.

The following is copied from my FAQ.  First off, I cannot guarantee full-time enslavement.  I have a full time job and relationship, and those do have to come first.  I also do not do any C2C (in fact, I don’t even have a webcam).

While I’ll play with nearly anyone a few times (online) casually, there has to be some chemistry between the two of us for something longer term.  That chemistry has to be mutual, of course.  If things are looking serious, I’ll have an “equal” talk with you, and we’ll establish any limits, and then go from there.

Also, I’d like to point out right away that I love working with new, beginner slaves.  It really turns me on to know I’m working with someone who’s eager to please, and is interested in getting their first experience with slaving.  And online is a very safe way to go about it.  I respect the slave’s limits, and I never post pictures of any session unless I have the slave’s permission to do so.  You can look through this blog and see that any possible face pics have been blurred, cropped, or not posted at all.

This could be you.

Still interested?  Then here’s my demands and rules summed up.  It looks like a lot, and may be overwhelming if you’re a novice.  But we can take things slow if you’re not certain, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  • For one thing, I generally like the slave to be younger than me (but over 18, the legal age here in the USA).
  • Since I already have a full time job and relationship, don’t expect constant attention.  You’ll be doing my bidding frequently or infrequently, at my whim.  You’d just be a disposable toy to me.
  • The ability to send pics and video of yourself.  Although I might not show mine.  I’m not here to please you.  You should be willing to show your face and body to me, at least over time.  NOTE:  Such pics would remain private, between us, unless you give me permission to post them.  I do respect your privacy, even as a Master.
  • You should also have similar interests as me:  feet, bondage, humiliation, abuse, and possibly gunge.
  • I like humiliating guys and forcing them to do demeaning things.
  • You would need to purchase a dog collar and bowl, and other various supplies as I see fit to abuse yourself with.
  • Also, if you really want to be a slave, then beg for it. Send me a short email pleading and begging to me why you should be my slave, and what you are willing to do for me. When you do, all references to yourself should be lower case (“i”, “me”, “slave”), and references to me are capitalized (“You”, “Sir”, “Master”).  A good slave has to follow my directions.  The more you plead, whimper, and properly obey, the more of my attention you’ll have.

I do have a Yahoo and MSN/Windows Live profile, but I pretty much only use them when chatting with slaves.  If anyone is interested in infrequent or one time sessions, contact me, and we’ll see what I can arrange.  But I make no promises, and please don’t take it personally if it doesn’t work out, or I ignore you for long stretches.  Sometimes it’s more my schedule and availability than my actual interest.

Is your New Year’s Resolution to be a better slave, or to start slaving?  Then hit me up if interested.