Day: January 2, 2012

Long term sock wear

It’s a new year!  And with it, I want to get some feed back from you readers (after most of you have sobered up, that is).  😉

If you saw on twitter, I’ve been wearing the same pair of socks for about 12 days now.  That doesn’t include two pairs of other socks of mine that I’ve worn off and on for at least three months without washing them.  Keep in mind, on those last pairs, it has not been consecutive days–I’d average wearing them once or twice a week–but still.  On days when I’m not wearing them, they get very hard and crusty, and retain a fairly vile smell that I of course totally enjoy and get off on.  But even after three months, even I’m starting to wonder… how much longer can I keep this up?  The sweat and crust is even getting to me a bit, to a point where it’s almost not even quite comfortable to wear for much longer.

They’re as crusty as they look, especially the pair on the left.  We’re talking about 3 months unwashed, give or take.

That said, we haven’t had a poll here in a long time.  I want to know how long many of you have worn your socks.  I’m going to go for basically consecutive days, but if you had to take a day off here or there, I’m not gonna be picky.  I’d say consecutively, my record is probably just under two weeks.

And you?  (Note:  This survey uses flash… so if you don’t have that, you won’t be able to see it.  Sorry.)

If you say over a month (or even weeks), please leave a comment with specifics!  And tell us what they smelled like, what it was like to wear them, and why you finally stopped when you did.

While I’m feeling interactive, I’m sort of in the mood to answer some of your questions.  If you have anything to ask me, visit my Formspring.  It’s also always there in the sidebar, about half-way down.

How old do you think these socks are?  And how badly do you want to smell them?  I know I do pretty bad…

By the way, if this turned you on, I hope you scroll down and see my request from yesterday.  I think my online slave will have to wear socks for quite a while…