Day: January 3, 2012

Chastise Me

So it seems like the big thing now is to be in chastity.  So many slaves seem to enjoy it.

As for me… I can’t deny… I tend to jerk off at least once a day.  Sometimes more.  (Not bad for someone in their 40’s, eh?  Even my BF, who’s still in his late 30’s, is impressed.)  Add that to the fact that I have temperamentally small balls, which seems to be the principle condition of keeping the belt on, and it’s never really been something I’ve been too into.

But… I did have a spare device lying around (originally intended as a gift for an online slave, but never got to give it to them).  So I figured what the heck.

If you follow my twitter, I already posted a hint pic of this some time ago.  Of course, I would never post a pic of myself.  So I can assure you that not one pic below is me.  Okay?

I couldn’t find an exact match for this one… but it’s pretty similar to the  Chastity Harness at JT’s Stockroom

Steel Chastity Cock Cage from eXtreme Restraints

CB-6000, from Mr. S
CB-6000 again… but I just like the way it looks with a black padlock.  😉  It’s available at eXtreme Restrtaints and JT’s Stockroom as well

The Curve, from JT’s Stockroom.  Mr. S sells it too.

Birdlocked Silicone Chastity Belt.  JT’s Stockroom and a similar one at Mr. S.
Locking Cock Cage, from JT’s Stockroom.

Aluminum Steel Pod, from Mr. S