What’s going on at Captured Heroes

I’m sure most of you know that I run a 2nd blog called Captured Heroes that specializes in Superhero, Lycra, Rubber, Sports, and other gear.  Lately I’ve been posting a lot of original content over there, and a lot of it has bondage & feet overtones and thus may interest some of you here.  So I’m posting a sampling of what you been missing (and a small preview of what’s to come).  All of the pics are me, save for four, which are of a “playdate” of mine with Spathic.  If you like any of it, visit there for the full sets!

Oh, and I’ll keep up that sock poll at the right for about another week.  So vote if you haven’t already!  The results have been interesting to me so far.

Spathic and I, and Spathic under my webbing (and feet)

Back to me, TFG, for the rest…

Posted these last few pics on FootGuys, and it got quite a bit of response!  I think we all need more hero feet in the world.  😉

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