TFG Gunge Feet Video Classics

Ages ago, back before this blog and I only had a Tripod website, I created some various foot videos intended for sale.  I probably would have posted them to Clips4Sale or something like that if I had had that option back then.  Now, I’ll just do it for free.  😉

So these first three videos are ones I created probably about the early 2000’s.  I did them well before I knew anything about gunge or WAM.  I had never even seen anything like it before at the time.  On reflection, I guess it’s pretty cool I discovered this independently.  Even as I filmed them, I sort of thought of them as the hottest things I had filmed at the time.  Hope you agree.

This final vid is more recent, as in a few months ago.

During a recent break, I actually took the time to film a number of videos. Many gunge/feet related, but some just feet. So you’ll have some videos from me to look forward too!

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