Results: Anal Sex Poll!

So I tried to wait until at least 100 people responded, so that’d I’d at least be somewhat official.  After all, the game show Family Feud always surveys 100 people.  I actually ended up with 104 people, so it’s even more official.  The results are below.

So “No interest whatsoever” and “Not sure” take the top two spots… and by a fairly large amount.  Adding up the first four catgetories, which affirm anal sex, we get a total of 52%.  A slight majority.  I did expect it to be a a majority, I just wasn’t sure how much.  If you ask me, though, that’s not all that much.  It leaves a whopping 48% of people either not interested or unsure.  And this coming from (I assume) an audience of kinky gay men.
Does this surprise anyone?  Even after the previous poll, it still does me.  (I don’t recall how many people participated in that poll, but I don’t think it was 100 people… so this one may be more accurate.)  I know that when I look at vanilla gay porn, there’s nearly always anal sex included.  For that matter, fetish gay porn has quite a share of it too.  Does this mean that nearly half of us are fast forwarding through it like I was?

I do have more tolerance with it in a fetish/slave context.  To me, it can be viewed as, well, quite frankly, humiliating when you get right down to it.  At least for the bottom.  And I do get turned on by a certain degree of humiliation.  And for a foot guy like me, having a toe/foot up your ass is a hot proposition.  But even then, I get way more turned on by other degrading slave behavior:  foot licking, nipple torture, ball torture, bondage, being led on a leash, forcing one to service, etc.

What are we to make of this?  Well, everyone can draw their own conclusions.  Personally, I find it fascinating that nearly half of even kinky gays are unsure or uninterested in anal sex.  Even if you take out the “unsure” part out of the mix, that’s still 1/4 that have no interested whatsoever, flat out.  Still a significant portion.  Enough for me to believe that there’s a fairly large, but very quiet, number of us out there.

I want to hear from those of you who feel this same way.  Do you have a difficult time finding partners who feel similar? Or, if you are very into anal sex, have you met/dated/fooled around with someone who wasn’t?

For the record, although I did not respond to my own poll, I would have probably put myself in the “On rare occasions only” category.  Although nowadays, I’m leaning towards the “No interest whatsoever” category.

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