Fantasy Play

So I was recently teasing my friend Matt via email, who apparently didn’t appreciate it too much.  He wrote me:

First of all, not a fan of your mocking tone. Because we both know I could punish you. Probably start by kidnapping you, and waiting for you to wake up in my bedroom. Of course, when you finally did wake up, you’d be handcuffed and your ankles bound together with rope. I expect you’d probably start calling for help and making noise, so I’d have to come in and slip out of my shoes, pull my socks off and use them to cleavegag you to quiet you down. Then I’d probably feel the need to take your shoes and socks off (what can I say, there’s just something about a clothed but barefoot guy.) I’d start massaging your feet for you before sucking your toes, licking your soles, since I know you’d hate that. I would of course be distracted by the hard on in your jeans, which would fuel my desire to do something about it. I’d untie your ankles so I could pull them off for you to make you more comfortable. Once I had an idea as to what I was dealing with, I’d of course be curious to uncuff your wrists and pull that t-shirt of yours off. Now, the only thing restraining you would be that gag, so I expect you’d start squirming. I’d have to take my leather crop whip (which, by the way has a diamond encrusted handle, not kidding), and give your chest a few whips to ensure that you knew you were staying put. Once you were seated back down on the bed like a good boy, the leather blindfold would have to go on as I push you back and fasten the leather restraints so that you’re spread-eagled on the bed. I’d mount on top of you, straddling you and clutching my whip, looking down at you unable to see, biting down into your sweaty sock-gag, your toes curling and feet flexing as you try very unsuccessfully to undo those tight, tight leather restraints.  

So, when you ask, “what are you going to do… punish me?”, that’s what I’d have in mind as a punishment for you (for starters, at least). 

Well.  I couldn’t let that go by.  I replied.:

You have quite an imagination, haven’t you?  I enjoyed your little fantasy.  A great deal, in fact.  Pity you won’t be able to enact any of it, seeing as I already have you lashed upright to my bedframe, arms pulled tight over your head, attached firmly to the canopy frame and going nowhere.  Ropes wind around your chest, legs, and ankles, holding you tight.  You can barely struggle.  That diamond encrusted whip of yours has been placed in your mouth like a bit gag, and you’re going to be keeping it in there.  I grab some scissors, and slowly begin cutting away pieces of your clothing.  First I cut out holes at your nipples.  I reach inside and pinch them.  Don’t moan too hard; that whip better remain in your mouth until I find a good use for it, boy.  I cut various slits in your shirt, exposing more and more of your skin.   I start grabbing at the slits in your shirt and ripping off random pieces of cloth, making you more and more vulnerable.  I manage to tear off a long piece of cloth, and blindfold you with it.  I tease my tongue to every exposed part of your skin, getting your entire body more and more wet and slick.  You shudder with every touch, unaware of where the next caress of my mouth will slide against your flesh.  I cut out a large hole in your pants, right at the crotch, exposing the bulge of your underwear popping through.  You hear me drop to my knees and massage my face into your crotch.  Then you feel me wrest your shoes and socks off.  You hear me inhale the odor from your shoe, but I don’t share it with you.  After some deep breaths and odd licking noises, you feel me put your shoes back on your bare feet.  The soles are moist, and you realize I’ve been licking the insoles, and now you’re standing and mashing your feet in a small puddle of my spit.  Groaning with humiliation, I mash the sock into your nose, forcing you to breathe in the fumes.  You nearly gag with the smell.  Taking advantage of your weakness, I snatch the whip from your mouth, and start snapping it against your still damp, exposed flesh, making the sting that much more intense.  Your moans increase, and just when you feel your balls get fiercely punished, I shove the rancid sock into your mouth.  I close my lips around yours, jamming that sock deeper into your mouth with my lips and tongue.  I pull away and tie it into place with the other sock, making certain the smelliest part is just underneath your nose.  I reach my hand to your crotch, and grab your cock through the underwear.  Keeping a tight grip on it, I move my lips to your ear, and tenderly whisper, “This is only the beginning,” and then I stick my tongue in your ear as I force you to plead for more… 

So, were you saying something?

That shut him up.  I think that was a just and fair punishment, don’t you?

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