The Fall of a Regular Guy

I was going back through some old emails, and I ran into a request I had from a former slave.  After some time playing together online, he told me his computer had crashed, and that he had lost all his files.  And he asked if I could send him some copies of our early email exchanges that documented his “fall from a regular guy”.

I liked how he put that, and thought that would be a fun topic to explore.  If you’re confused, let me just say that the first time I heard from this guy, it was just a regular fan email.  He initially wrote me saying how much he enjoyed this blog, stated some stats about himself (age, shoe size, etc.), mentioned in passing that he was pretty submissive, and said if I was interested in his pics, he’d be happy to send some.  Quite innocent, all in all.  Aside from some self-play, I don’t believe he had any real experience at all, and stated, “My ultimate fantasies are being a foot slave or being tied up, but I never meet anyone who shares my interests.”  And he ended the email by saying,

Also if you ever want a slave you can order around online I am free and you would be fulfilling one of my ultimate fantasies 🙂

I thought it looked fun at the time, and my curiosity was piqued a bit by the offer, but at the same time, I get a lot of emails similar to this, and generally speaking, aside from a few pics, not much more comes of it.  Not that I argue getting more pics… I’m always open to that.  So I wrote him back thanking him, and said, sure, send over some pics.  He did, and it was very hot.  (For privacy reasons, I’m not going to post it, though.  Sorry.)  He added:

Let me know what you think of my feet, I am hoping you like them. Also if you want to request certain positions, food stomping, gunge, bondage materials, etc. please feel free to tell me whatever you want and I will try to do them.

Now at this point, I was getting more intrigued, but I was still cautious.  I told him how much I enjoyed his feet (true enough), and asked him a few general questions, such as if he had tied up his feet before, or smashed food with his feet before.   I said there’s no rush, and maybe we could get to know each other a bit more by chatting.  He replied,

I’m glad you like my feet. They are yours to enjoy now 🙂

…I really want to be your online slave so any demands you have of me I will do….

I am open to any other demands you may have so don’t hold back! I am interested to see what you would like me to do so let me know.

 It was at about this point I started to get a bit more aggressive with my own response.

Damn right those are my feet to enjoy.  And I will enjoy them, boi, that’s for sure.

I also demanded he write some messages on his feet, as a test of his loyalty.  He answered

It will feel awesome walking around knowing I have that written on my feet… I will enjoy that humiliation.

It was at that point we had our first IM session.  Things began innocuously enough, as we had to get a sense of each other and gain some trust.  During our chat, early on, I ask him if he was alone.  He did say unfortunately that his family was in the house.  I said I was going to suggest [we should chat] tomorrow afternoon, but now that I think of it, this will be a good way to make sure you keep quiet” to which he said my favorite two words to see online:

yes sir

Since this was our first session, I excused him for not having the “S” in Sir capitalized.  🙂  I asked him what supplies he had with him.  Then I told him to smell his own feet and send me the pics.  And then to lick them.  To get them wet–sopping wet, to really drool all over them.  And then to wipe them clean on his slutty face.  And all his responses from then on out were either “yes Sir” or “yes Master”.  Which was the beginning of the end, so to speak.
I have to admit that at first, I almost wasn’t sure if he was really enjoying it as much as he was saying.  For all I know, this was all a big game to him, or he was just humoring me.  The pictures helped dissuade me from that, but I still wasn’t sure how sincere his intentions were.  However, as time and our sessions went on, I noticed that he would take ideas I would toss out there as an extreme, threatening punishment, meant to to scare him more than anything else, and actually be willing to do them–and would then send me the pics to prove it.  It was really then that I realized he was quite sincere and eager to serve as much as he said.
It’s been a while since I’ve heard from this slave… as many online slave relationships go, sometimes they burn out quickly.  But it was one of the most intense, satisfying online slave relationships I have ever had.  I have a feeling I may hear from him again one day.  Let’s hope so.

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