TFG Lycra Belt Bound

So my BF got a new toy… a set of bondage belts from Mr. S.  Of course, he had to try them out on me.  I’m sure you’re not going to complain, are you?  I know I’m in a lycra bodysuit, which technically makes it more suited to my other blog… but hey, bondage is bondage, and felt like putting it here.

We did enjoy them quite a bit.  They’re a bit thinner than I thought, but they do hold firm.  Our only complaint is that you can have quite a bit of strap sticking out and just dangling.  It’d be nice to have an extra loop to tuck in loose ends, so to speak.  And the leather did rub off on to our ropes and hands a bit.  No big deal to us, but it’s something worth mentioning.

Of course, having these belts reminds me of their hobble belt.  Just got two of those for myself, ideal for travel.  Some fun possibilities for later!

Oh, and if you enjoyed this set after all, there’s more like it with me wearing a wetsuit at my other blog, Captured Heroes, here and here.

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