Early Influences: TieGuyUK & CuteDaemon

One of the first major fetish websites to have an effect on me was TieGuyUK.  They have great, down to earth, yet extremely creative approach to bondage.  It doesn’t hurt that the guys they model and bind are insanely cute.

TieGuyUK back in the day, circa 2007

Many years ago, the site was free.  I used to visit constantly, as you can imagine.  I still think about one of his first models, Scott, sometimes (whatever happened to him?).  To their credit, the site did it’s best to keep things free for as long as they possibly could, but the high traffic they got forced them to charge memberships.  I understand.  I have to admit that I’ve only subscribed once, but I really should do so again.  It’s hard to believe they’re still keeping it up and keeping it fresh all this time later.  And while I don’t believe they’re really into feet, they don’t mind dabbling with a bit of foot/sock/sneaker play from time to time.

Scott, barefoot and in a wetsuit.  One of the first times I saw a guy tied up in gear.  It was super hot.

It’s also because of TieGuyUK I ended up meeting Zac, who I still chat with to this day!  He frequently modeled for the site, and has even been kind enough to send me some exclusive sets.  Search reader contributions and scroll around.  He’s done at least 4 or 5 different sets just here! He also models for Bound Guys quite a bit, too, along with another fave of mine, Tynan Fox.

Zac, in one of the first photo sets he donated here.

Another early influence on me was Cute Daemon.  He has numerous pics available online all over the place.  He had a website where he sold a video cassette (remember those?) of some of his bondage experiences.  This was back in the days where seeing a movie online was not simple, nor common.  This was the dial up days, where it took about 1-2 minutes just to download a single picture.  To see a 2 minute video would involve downloading for about 3 hours and praying no one would call you during that time and interrupt your download.  (Am I bringing back horrible memories for anyone?)  You kids today have it so easy.

In any case, his site really impressed me, because he really was very careful, methodical, and well researched about how he handled the sales.  As independent guy, he knew exactly in which states, areas, and countries it was legal to send off his material (it was outlined in his site).  I don’t think most of us think about that, even now.  I greatly respected his seriousness and attention to detail.  At some point, I contacted him, sending him a fan email.  I believe at the time, I was just starting my own Tripod website as TiedFeetGuy.  He wrote back “Hi TFG”, and I was immediately thrilled.  There was more to the email, but that’s the main thing I still remember to this day.  It was the first time I had thought of my name as an acronym, and it instantly felt right.  While I came up with the name TiedFeetGuy, I credit him with the TFG moniker that I sort of prefer today.

Recently, Daemon has re-released his early movies on DVD.  I personally only owned Debut on video cassette, and got quite a bit of use out of it, so I may find myself ordering The New Toy, too.  It was one of my first major bondage videos I had ever seen.  Not only does he also have incredible feet, but he really shows them off.  Visit his site-still-in-progress here and order one.

Oh, and he does have a Tumblr, too.  And just so you’re not confused, he also goes by the name Kinky Daemon.  One name is intended for work purposes, and one more play.  But it’s the same guy.

I’d love to be tied by either one of these guys!

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