A collection of hot pics that didn’t really categorize with any single topic, but were too hot not to post.

First, this hot gag/hood combo.  The caption under the pic said he was gagged with a “sweaty cum-filled sock” and shoved inside.  Sounds hot to me!

I always love a good hogtie with a shoe tied over the face!  It’s a small pic, but a good one.

Next, I just love the idea of being jerked off by a pair of soft feet.  Of course, I’d be happy to lick them clean once I’ve cum all over them!

Next, I don’t post much about straightjackets, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find them sexy.

A bit of an indulgence to myself… I had a dancer friend who let me try on something on called half soles.  These particular ones are made of neoprene.  And yeah, they were sweaty, smelly, and sexy.  😉

Lastly, some very hot pics from a blog called He Thong Art.

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