Day: March 3, 2012


I know this isn’t for everybody, but for those who do enjoy this, it’s been a long time coming. WAM stands for Wet And Messy, a type of gunge play.

First, I found this in a local store.

So, I decided to make it quite literal.

(Note:  the ending of the video is chopped up on purpose.  It showed a bit too much of my face, so I did a lot of cuts.  It’s a bit awkward I know, and right at the “good part”, but I do have to play it a bit careful.)
As if that were not enough, I decided to use an old pudding cup I had lying around and throw it into the mix.

Thanks to Restwalker for helping me edit the second video.
I have more gunge stuff coming.  Now, if that’s not your thing, don’t worry… there’s also some new feet & sock videos headed your way as well.