Doming my BF

Getting in touch with my dom side.  The following is a true account.

When “married”, sometimes you don’t have time for full play.  My BF needed to cum quickly, and didn’t even have time to be bound.

He was standing up, wearing only boxer briefs.  I had him put his hands behind his back, and tweaked his nipples.  (This really gets both of us off–his nips are wired to his cock.)  Batted and swatted at his cock and balls.

Ordered him to put his hands behind his head.  Went behind him, and tweaked his nipples more from behind.  Twisting and pinching.  Handgagged him (which always makes him moan), fondled and abused his balls.  Reached inside his boxer briefs and stroked him a bit while handgagged.  Tweaked his nipples harder, mercilessly.

Told him he had to get his underwear off without using his hands.  He began rubbing his ass against me, trying to pull them down.  After much difficulty, he was eventually able to shimmy out of his boxer briefs*.

I then pushed him onto the bed.  I threw his underwear over his face, shoving the crotch into his mouth as a gag.  I knelt between his legs, spreading them wide with my own knees and tweaked his nips even harder, pinching them between the knuckles of my first and middle fingers, rubbing, twisting and tugging on them until he came, shooting up to his nipples.

*     *    *

On a side note… my work schedule is really kicking into high gear.  There may be times in the future where I don’t get around to posting for a day or two, possibly longer.  Please don’t panic, I’m not shutting down the blog or anything.  Just busy.  I will get to posting as soon as I get a chance, okay?  And you can always check my twitter for updates.

*Sexy mood spoiler alert:  In all honesty, I had to allow him to use one hand to get it started.  But once he got it over his hips, he just had to shimmy after that.  Even with that small advantage, he still had trouble.  But of course, it was hot to watch him squirm.

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