True Life Story: Hot BF sex

No, BF stands for boyfriend, not butt fucking.  If you followed my poll, you probably would have guess that.  Although I suppose it could still apply as an adjective.

So I put my new harness.  My BF tied me in a spread eagle.  Underneath my new 2xist underwear, my balls were tied tight.  The gag was tight… usually, he leaves a little give in it for me.  Not this night, though.

Even though I’m not into it, he decided to tickle my sides a bit.  I bucked and struggled a lot, which got him quite turned out.  I did enjoy the squirming, but if I do start actually laughing, it does sort of take me “out of the moment”.  I did a bit, especially at my pits.

He finally stopped, and beat my body gently with a riding crop.  Which later was gone over with a feather tickler.  Ticklers don’t actually tickle me, but I do enjoy it as sensation play.  He spent some time sucking my dick, and also removed my gag long enough for me work on his.  Then he replaced it, and held one of my old socks over my face.  After some good, deep breaths, he put his feet in my face (still ballgagged).  He wanted them clean, and teased my lips with them and his toes.

Unsatisfied they weren’t wet enough, he cozied up to me and starting kissing me over the ballgag, drooling and spitting all over the gag and my lips.  He then put his feet back in my face, rubbing them against the dripping gag, increasing their stink.

But then he decided to have me work on him a bit.  He released me from my bonds, ball bondage, and blindfold (though kept me gagged).  He laid down on the bed, and had me sit on top of him, straddling his chest.  Pulling my harness, he ordered me to play with his nipples, which I did obediently.  As I did so, he gabbed my balls tightly, and would tug on them if he wasn’t satisfied with my work.  He also grabbed my sock and pressed it into my face as I worked on him.

This was pretty much our position, with me on top, and a sock instead of a shoe.

Just before he shot, he had me get off him and lie on my back, so he could shoot his load onto my cock, balls, and body.  Now coated his his jiz, I used some of it to jerk myself off.  He wiped off the rest with his fingers, and stuck them in my mouth to clean off as I stroked myself.  I came shortly after.

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