Reader Contribution: kinkyboyfeet

So I ran across this profile during my internet browsing.  Loved the pics on it.  But he had a request to not post them.  I took a chance, and sent him a message kindly requesting permission, and that I’d be understanding if he didn’t allow it.  Fortunately, he reads this blog and was all for it, provided I keep the pics of his feet only.  Although he is a cutie, that is the most important part to me anyway as far as this blog is concerned, so I was happy to honor his request.

As you can see, I love his affinity for tied feet.  Threw in a couple of pics of him in shoes (because they’re sexy, and I imagine them to be smelly), some stirrups, and one plain feet just to round it out.  Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Love this ropework.

My personal favorite tie.

Urg.  So sexy!

Love the tie & formal wear!

Urrrmmmm… I bet those shoes stink….

His bare soles, ready for me to abuse.

If you enjoyed these, he does have an Xtube page.  As of this writing, it’s currently under a different name, but it’s him.  He’s the one who shared it with me (and allowed me to share it with all of you).  And showing a bit of his dom side, he ordered me to mention his twitter account as well.  Hey, I can be a good slave.

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