TFG’s First Time in Chastity

For any length of time, anyway.  It was only a few hours, but hey, everyone has a first time, okay?

So I know I’m a bit late to the Chastity party, but better late than never.  It was never really something that appealed all that much to me, honestly.  It didn’t turn me off, but it didn’t turn me on, either.  I did buy one for my former online slave, who I was unfortunately never able to get it to.  So finally, I decided to use it for myself and see what all the fuss is about.

It is a CB-6000.  Now, for those of you who follow my twitter, you know that one of my problems is that my balls are fairly small and, most importantly, very high up.  Putting a very basic ball parachute on me is a 10 minute ordeal, and even then I can slip out of it.  So I wasn’t too optimistic I could get this to fit easily.

My first attempt wasn’t pretty.  As most of you already know, there’s a bit of a Catch-22 in just putting it on, especially for the first time.  Just slipping it over your cock can get you hard… which makes it impossible to put on.  But eventually perseverance and patience win out, and I got it on.  It was difficult for me to figure out the correct sized ring, and I only recently realized the importance of the length of the locking pin (I know–duh!  I’m sure a lot of you are laughing at me, but I was determined to figure out this stuff on my own… I’m stubborn that way, and it’s more fun for me).  Because I probably didn’t have the right size combination on me, I barely lasted 30 minutes before the pain in my balls was too much.

The next time I played, I figured out a better cock ring size, as well as the locking pin size.  And suffice to say, it was much more comfortable.  Although for my next round, I think I’ll go even one more size larger on the cock ring… by the end of the 6 hours, my balls were pinching a bit.

I was surprised to discover that I can still sort of get hard in it.  Well, the sensations are still there.  I really wasn’t quite sure how that would work.

I decided to push myself a bit immediately.  I put on one of my smelliest, crustiest pair of socks.  They haven’t been washed in probably about 6 months (although they have not had daily wear, but enough to be sure).  Just reaching down to put them on was an experience.

Went out to the grocery store after wearing it for two hours already.  Not only was I semi-hard at going out wearing it, but my socks were so stinky, I could smell them just driving my car.  The sock stink and public chastity combined were getting me semi hard as it was.

This pic was taken in the Meat Department, of course.  😉

As I type this now, four hours later, I still have it on (socks too, in case you’re wondering.  Also keep in mind that some time has gone by from the occasion where I created this post and me actually getting around to posting it).  Balls continue to pinch just a bit, but it’s not particularly uncomfortable or unbearable.  It’s more like a kernel in your teeth.  It annoys you when you think about it, but you can live with it.

I probably won’t have it on for much longer… in a few hours, my BF and I will probably be having sex.   And he actually doesn’t know I’ve had it on for most of the day, so he’s going to be surprised.  Now, he’s not really much into chastity himself, so knowing him, he’ll probably take it off me relatively soon into our play time.  But it’s been fun for me, and a good test run to see if I can take it for longer.  I think I can, in fact, and it’ll be exciting to try in the future…

And I know a lot of you more experienced people are probably amused at my amateurishness.  But hey, I like discovering things for myself.

TFG Update:  In fact, I already have worn it for longer.  14 hours, in fact.  The larger cock ring size helped quite a bit.  But more on that experience at another time, although if you followed my twitter, you know a lot about it already.


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