TFG Slave Services, Part 1

So tonight, I had a little surprise for my BF. And even a bit of a surprise for me, too. I offered myself as his slave.

For us, this is a pretty big deal. While we do love our bondage and abuse (and despite the sort of pics I post here), we rarely do true slave play or ownership.  My BF enjoys doing creative bondage, but he really doesn’t do any Master play, and he is not into humiliating me.  Generally, I’m not either (although I enjoy humiliating others), but something was different this night.

What got me in the mood? Not sure, aside from not jerking off for a few days (and usually I’m daily, if not more so), and just watched some abusive videos. It just felt right. I got out of the shower, put on some new black sexy underwear and a collar and leash.  I went to the living room, knelt on my knees in front of him, and said, “Sir, do whatever you like to me tonight.  I want to be your slave, and service you in any way that I can.”

Spoiler alert:  To be honest, my BF was so caught off guard by this, he nearly didn’t know what to do, and actually said he was a bit uncomfortable with it.  But I think the discomfort was more from the fact that 1) he didn’t know if he’d be a good Master, and 2) he’s not into humiliating me, he just likes me tied up and slightly abused.  When I suggested things like being on all fours and using me as a foot rest, or pushing my face into the toilet, he was visibly disturbed.  I didn’t think he’d enjoy doing that to me, but I offered anyway.  He said while he wasn’t entirely comfortable, he would try his best.

I had also earlier in the night told him I was in the mood for some semi-long term bondage, where he could tie me up and just leave me there to stew.  (Again, this is very unusual for us.  Usually, once he ties me up, he plays with me until I cum.)  So he lead me to the bed, and tied me in a modified hogtie, with my hands tied behind my back, and a rope from the collar drawn in front of me to my ankles, so that it was impossible to straighten my legs.  He also put a blindfold on me.  Now secure, he did leave me for a bit to shower and change.

When he returned, he removed the blindfold, only to put on a neoprene cocksucker hood.  One of the qualities of this hood is that it effectively blocks out light (unlike spandex hoods, which typically are fairly transparent).  He also put in a plug from our Bishop Head Harness, but he didn’t attach it.  Instead, I was given the instruction to keep in my mouth.  He spanked me for a bit with a leather paddle, lightly, all over my body. Every touch was heightened in sensation.

After a bit, he put a leather plug gag on me.  Between this and the hood, my head was nearly in sensory deprivation mode.  I could still hear, but it was muffled.  It was very encasing, even nearly as much as a Bishop Head Harness, which is one of my favorites.  I was surprised by how intense it was.

Of course, things did not stop there… it only got more intense.  Stay tuned in two weeks for more, including a cum shot or two–if you’re good.  In the meantime, next week, I continue my Smelly Feet set.

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