Day: March 29, 2012

Naked porn twink feet

So a little word first… I’m traveling out of the country for 10 days! And my internet connection will be very limited. In the meantime, I’m setting up some posts to continue while I’m gone. But if you write or contact me during this time, there may be a very long delay until you hear back from me.  And when I return, I’m going to have a lot to catch up on.  So please be very patient.

And in case you are wondering… I probably won’t get to play during my trip.  Although I may try, but 1) my BF is traveling with me, and 2) it’s been pretty tough to schedule free time.  You never know, but if nothing happens on that front, I’m okay.  I’m fine to just be a tourist.  But next time, hopefully for sure…  🙂