Month: April 2012

Some new blogs

I’ve recently come across the fact that a few of my favorite bondage guys now have blogs.  Personally, I think these guys have been long overdue for their own blog.  I’ve added them to my blogroll, but I hope you visit:

You’ve probably seen pics of his before floating around the web.  Now you can go to the source!  He’s the one famous for numbering his young, lithe slaves.  So glad he has his own blog now!

If you haven’t seen his awesome work on GF, you’ve really missed out.

Been a fan of Vagabondageboy on GF & Twitter for a while.  Happy to see he has a blog, too.  And he had the good sense to use one of my pics on it!

That’s a pic of me he used!  Very cool.  😉

Good friend of mine just started a blog, too:

And these are older news, but don’t miss:

Would the Christ have been gay?

So I feel I’d like to share with you an unexpected surprise when I was on my European trip.  When walking around the city, we were seeing these billboards everywhere:

For somewhat obvious reasons, this was intriguing.   We were in a relatively small, non-touristy part of Europe.  This really stuck out like a sore thumb.  And for that reason, it seemed incredibly brave.  My BF and I took a chance, and entered the exhibit.

It was small, but the curator (an older female woman who spoke excellent English) was very enthusiastic about the exhibit, and was more than happy to answer our questions.

As it turns out, we were most fascinated with the initial exhibit on the lower level.  While we didn’t get a photograph of it, it was a wall of 8×10 photos of all types and ages of people, arranged with various papers with quotes in French.  Since neither of us speak French, we asked her about it.  She actually took the time to read us every single response that was printed (fortunately, we are genuinely nerdy enough to have wanted to know all of them).  Amazingly enough, the majority of responses were either “Sure, why not?”, “Could be”, or “Does it really matter?”   A few even flat out said yes, Christ is gay as he represents love for all types.  Only one response said no.

It gets even more interesting.  It turns out that this woman personally went around the city, asking the the question to random people in the streets, and dictated their answer (and taking their photograph if she got their permission).  And it is her own efforts that made the display.  So it was quite the labor of love on her part.

Of course, the woman went on to say that many people did not want to respond at all, especially when they learned it was to be presented as part of a museum exhibit.  Can’t say we were surprised to hear it.  In fact, as she was reading the quotes to us, two people came into the museum, saw the first work of art presented above (the stone figure lying on the floor holding the rainbow flag), and then turned around and left, seemingly offended.  She said later that was a pretty common event.  We mentioned to her that we were astonished to see such a bold exhibit presented and promoted at all.  She did state that the museum has received its fair share of hate mail and threats.  Which is not surprising, but terrible all the same.  She further went on to say that some people take the rainbow flag in that first work of art and use it to cover up the crotch of the statue (which, if you look closely, is not even really nude).

My BF and I were both tremendously moved by not only the exhibit itself, but by the passion this woman brought to it.  If only more people in the world had her point of view.  Although perhaps it should be noted that she said she lived in Berkley, California for about four year (which is a center for extremely liberal thinking, for those of you who may not be aware).

I feel I wanted to support this work in whatever way I could.  The link to the website is here.  I hope you visit, and tell them you support their vision.  I mean, I can’t really think of a major museum in America that would be brave enough present an exhibit like this.  So it was really incredible to me.  Sadly, I don’t recall the woman’s name, and she was not one of the “official” four artists in the presentation.  Despite that, I found her particular work one of the most moving displays I had seen in a long time.  Of course, I didn’t exactly tell her I was TiedFeetGuy, so let’s keep that aspect under wraps.  But just say you heard good things about it.  😉

One last side note, in case you are nerdy about semantics like we are.  In the very first picture I posted of the sign, it’s sort of hard to tell if the question is “Would the Christ have been gay?” or “Could the Christ have been gay?”  As it turns out, the question is the former, and the reason the letter “C” is present is because the name of the gallery was “Galerie C”.

Short Foot & Cum Story

“Cum onto my foot, boi.”

“Yeah… squirt that cock cream all over it…”

“Now clean it off, slave.”

Now, I know I said I wasn’t going to post pics that I know are from another site, but I couldn’t resist, they were very hot pics.  Although I did add my own captions.  But these are pretty clearly from a fetish site, and I’m suspecting a pay one.  I’m guessing William Higgins, but does anyone know for sure?  If I’m going to post them, I may as well give some shout out credit.

Reader Contribution: Pasha

I think I’ll let his email to me do the talking here:

“Hi. I’m really nice Russian guy. My name is Paul, Pasha in Russian. I’m 19 y.o. I like bondage (like to be hogtied) and i like my feet. Do you wanna to post my pics?”

Um… yes.  And please feel free to send more.  Especially the feet.  I hope you all agree.

I think those last two pics are my faves.  I’m a sucker for a hogtied, barefoot twink.  Yum.

TFG’s Chastity–Round 3

So as I mentioned before… being put in chastity is kinda addicting (which I’m sure is no surprise to all of you currently in it).  So I’ve gone for a third round.

This time, I wanted to try and spend the night, something I had not tried before.
Since I’m mostly a side sleeper, I have to admit, it didn’t really bother me much, nor did it get in my way.  Although I’m not usually a “morning wood” type person either.  But here was the big surprise for me… as I adjusted it in in the morning, it actually slipped off completely!  I guess I didn’t have the correct ring size after all.  (Although I had also accidentally overdosed on the lube when I put it on, so that may have had something to do with it as well.)

I immediately replaced it with one more ring size down, and went about my day.  Problem is, this ring size is a bit of a tight fit for me, and my balls did experience soreness after wearing them for 12 more hours the next day.  But aside from the accident in the morning (which was quickly remedied), it did make for a 24 hour wear, which was pretty hot.  Sadly, I had to remove for the next night, as I had a big day at work the next day, and wanted to make sure I wasn’t distracted in any way.

Perhaps others with more experience can help me here.  Like I said, when I did slip out, there was lube everywhere, including the ring.  I kinda get the feeling if the ring hadn’t been so lubed, I wouldn’t have been able to slip out of it–and it would increase my comfort level.  It’s been a difficult battle to find a combination of ring and pin sizes where 1) it was large enough so that I would be comfortable for longer term wear, and 2) small enough so that I don’t slip out.

Now, this last go round was just before I left for my trip.  Since then, I did another 12 hour wear (not overnight, sadly), and I had the exact same problem.  If I number the rings in size from 1 being smallest to 5 being the largest, I have found that the size 2 ring is just too uncomfortable to wear for more than a few hours.  But the size 3 ring I can slip out of, although generally not easily.  So I guess it now comes to gauging the correct pin size, right?  I was originally using the largest one.  (My very first time, I used the shortest one, and that was way too painful.)  I went one down, avoided lube on the ring, and still slipped out.  Now I’m two sizes down on the pin.  I seem okay so far in terms of slipping out, and it’s comfortable enough I suppose… but I think I’d only last a couple of days, max, before I’d become too uncomfortable and sore around my balls.  I’d feel I’d have to go one more pin size up to be comfortable.  So it’s been a bit of a dilemma.

As I’ve mentioned before, my balls are rather small, and can be difficult to work with.  Maybe I should try another device, such as a Birdlocked or Bon4?  But part of me says they won’t be much better in terms of my particular situation.  So do any of you more experienced guys have any other solutions, ideas, or combinations of ring size vs. pin size?