TFG too busy for pics

So sort of as a follow up story to something I posted some time ago… what happened after my BF took me out of my first session wearing a chastity belt.

After my 6 hours in chastity (not much I know, but it was my first time), we played.  Now, usually we take pics when we play, but we were so into this one, we kinda forgot.  So you’ll just have to settle for the story.

He put my wrists behind my back in leather restraints, and padlocked them together. He similarly joined my ankles.  It was loose and had some give, but he wasn’t done yet.  He ran a rope from my wrists down to my ankles, then pulled the rope back up to my balls and tied it off, so that if I tried to stretch my feet, it would tighten around my ballsac.  Nice.

He gagged me with a soft leather bit gag, used a leather blindfold, and then started to put a spandex hood on me. But before lowering it all the way, he shoved his toes under my nose for me to inhale. After I got to thoroughly sample each foot, he took one of my most rancid, unwashed for over 6 months pair of socks, and stuffed it under the hood for me to savor.

He then slowly jerked me off, running his hands all over my body, occasionally pinching my nipples, or pressing the sock deeper into my nostrils. He spit on my dick to lube it up, which made me imagine I was a worthless slave to be spit upon, and his living toy to be used. I refrained from cumming longer than I expected, but it was a pretty great orgasm when I did finally shoot.

As for chastity belt wear… next week, I’ll be posting about my second, much longer wear session.  It was a lot of fun.

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