TFG Slave Services, Part 2

Continuing from where we left off last time… things get more intense quickly.

My BF used our new toy on me, a ball crusher.  I am a fan of CBT, but I do have to admit, I have very small and temperamental balls.  But this device worked even on me.  Just as it got tighted, so was my gag.  I moaned as it pressed further into my mouth, and my cock was rock hard.  As if it couldn’t get better, he placed one of his smelly socks over the air holes in the hood.  There was truly no escape.

After some teasing, he removed the gag, only to immediately slide in his dick.  I sucked cock like I never had before.  I enjoyed being his hole, a mouth for him to use as he saw fit.  Later he sat me up on my knees and had me service his nipples as he stroked himself in such a way that his cockhead rubbed against my stomach.

Eventually he removed the ball crusher, and told me he was going to lie down, and that I was to jerk him off with one hand.  He put one of his smelly socks in my other hand, and ordered me to sniff it as I worked him over.  It was hot knowing I was on my knees next to him, servicing him and humiliating myself at the same time.  After he finally came, he told me to put down the sock, grabbed my still-hooded head, and had me lick up his cum from off his chest as he guided my head around.  I had to stick out my tongue and let him guide my mouth around his body.

Satisfied, he had me lie down on my back, still keeping the hood on.  He replaced the gag tightly and tied up my balls with rope.  But he didn’t tie up my limbs at all.  He told me he wanted me to jerk myself off.  I was wishing he had tied me up, but as I started to stroke myself, I realized how unusual it was to have my limbs free, but my head completely encapsulated.  Of course, he forced another smelly sock of his over my nose.

After a while, he took the ends of the rope around my balls, drew up my feet, and tied them around my big toes, so that any tugging or attempt to straighten them out would pull on my balls more.  He also removed the sock from over my nose, and replaced it with his shoe–which actually smelled worse than the sock.  He demanded that I hold the shoe in place myself with one hand, and continue to jerk myself off with the other.

As I did so, I realized how humiliating I must’ve looked, and it got me super hard.  Just as I was getting ready to cum, I heard our camera going off–my BF was taking pictures of me.  And they would catch me cumming.

For the record, I’m not typically a distance shooter… but in this case, I did shoot over my shoulder.  (Sadly, you can’t see it in the pic.  But I assure, it’s there.)  It was a very hot, sexy time.  While at the end of the day, my BF still wasn’t 100% comfortable with his role, he did say he was willing to explore it more.  And that being a Master was hard work.  😉

Okay, next week finishes my Smelly Feet set.  Hope you’re enjoy all this as much as I am…

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