TFG’s 14 Hour Chastity

So if you followed my twitter a while ago, I did a second round in the CB-6000, trying to go for a full day.  I put it on first thing at 7:00 am, and didn’t remove it until 9pm that night.  For me, that was a while.  Okay, I know that’s virtually laughable compared to many of you who have been in chastity for days, weeks, or even months (and some of you even longer than that!).  So remember, I’m still very new at this–quite the beginner.  We all gotta start somewhere, right?  But even a few of you more experienced fella may find a few interesting points here, so read on.

I did it because my BF was out of town, and I thought it’d be good practice for me.  It was especially difficult, because I also hadn’t jerked off for about 3 days before due to a lack of time… and I’m usually a once-a-day guy.  So by all accounts, if I had the day to myself, I should have been whacking off 3 or 4 times, to “make up for lost time”.

It’s on, you can make out its outline…

But I wanted to test myself.  I put it on (and with a much more comfortable sizing) much more quickly, as I’m learning from before.  Once on, one of the first things I did was check my tumblr roll.  That was quite the experience.  Nothing like getting a semi right off the bat.

First off, I discovered I was actually able to urinate standing up without any real problem.  Based on the small amount of info I read, I didn’t really expect that to be the case.  Is that unusual?  In any case, I wasn’t complaining.

Then I had to do a series of mundane tasks:  laundry, errands, food shopping, etc.  Much of it involved going out in public.  I did it all wearing it underneath my jeans.  (Geek note:  I even managed to visit a local amusement park briefly, and rode a roller coaster with it on.  Now that was an experience I can maybe even claim over a few of your more experienced folk, lol.)  I have to say, it feels quite kinky to be wearing that just underneath your clothes in public.  It makes me wonder if anyone else I see is doing the same.  Which gave me another semi, which sort of became the theme of the day.

After an entire afternoon out, I decided to take a small nap.  But I wanted to torture myself even more.  I found a very smelly pair of shoes that I’ve cum into multiple times, broke out my lycra bodytube (bought on eBay), and found my gasmask (to get your own gasmask, visit here and click the “Hood + Gasmasks” menu option).  I slipped into the tube, taped the hose end of the gasmask into the tube and put it on.  Then tried to sleep.  To no one’s surprise, I didn’t exactly get a lot of sleep.  I did manage to moan and buck as if I were being abused by a Master.  This went on for about an hour.

(*Safety Note:  after about 30 minutes of not really even trying to sleep, I did realize it could be potentially dangerous should I have actually fallen asleep and rolled over onto the hose, crimping it and cutting off my air supply whilst in slumber.  Remember, I was alone.  So I did eventually take off the mask and just tape and tie the shoe to my face instead for the final 30 minutes.)

Before zipping up.

Afterwards, I just went about getting future blog posts ready, relaxing, eating dinner, etc.  Oh, and taking a few kinky pics that’ll appear in Captured Heroes later.  😉

I would love to stay in it longer–and I think I could handle it–but unfortunately, my work attire would never be able to conceal it (you just have to take my word on that one, but it’s true, and as much as I enjoy kink, I enjoy being employed a bit more).  So a longer wear will have to wait until I get some time off.  But oddly enough, I’m looking forward to that day, and I do find myself thinking about wearing it again more than I’d like to admit.  Hmmmm.  I guess now I sort of realize what all the chastity fuss is about that I see in so many other blogs.  I didn’t realize quite how powerful it was until I did it for myself.  When I saw such posts in other blogs, I always just thought, “Yeah, yeah.  Next.”  Now I realize how submissive it can make you feel, and I find myself thinking about it nearly all the time.

One thing I guess I should add.  Now that I have a tad bit more experience, in my particular case, I probably should’ve bought at CB-6000s, which is identical save for a shorter cock cage.  In my tumescent state, I have a lot of extra room in the regular CB-6000.  (Hard is another story, for the record, lol.)  So guess what.  I did.  It hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s been ordered.  😉

And something good to know for all you CB wearers, novice or experienced… JT’s Stockroom allows you to order just the cage separately, if you like or just need a replacement.  Isn’t that a good idea?

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