Unclean Feet

Now typically, I like my feet clean.  Smelly, but clean.  But there are a few exceptions to this.

First, fine sock lint.  Especially black, like this.  Which is odd for me, because I usually like white socks.  But seeing that black fuzz against a soft tender sole just gets my mouth drooling.  I’d happily lap up those sweaty bits of fabic and swallow them whole.

Secondly… and I may lose a few of you here… but I actually don’t mind a bit of fungus/peeling feet.  I equate it with a guy working out and being on his feet all day… not to mention the smell.  So if your foot is peeling a bit, you can still step up to the front of the line with me.

That said, there are limits to it, and having too much of either (sock lint or peeling feet) can become a turn off if in excess.  But in smaller amounts, I find it kinda sexy.

In case you’re wondering if I have any limits, I will say off colored toenails would be a pretty definite turn off.  And I don’t like dirty feet, as in dirt and mud.  It is sexy to look at sometimes, but I wouldn’t want to lick them.

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