Some new blogs

I’ve recently come across the fact that a few of my favorite bondage guys now have blogs.  Personally, I think these guys have been long overdue for their own blog.  I’ve added them to my blogroll, but I hope you visit:

You’ve probably seen pics of his before floating around the web.  Now you can go to the source!  He’s the one famous for numbering his young, lithe slaves.  So glad he has his own blog now!

If you haven’t seen his awesome work on GF, you’ve really missed out.

Been a fan of Vagabondageboy on GF & Twitter for a while.  Happy to see he has a blog, too.  And he had the good sense to use one of my pics on it!

That’s a pic of me he used!  Very cool.  😉

Good friend of mine just started a blog, too:

And these are older news, but don’t miss:

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