New David DeCouteu movie stills

If you don’t know, David DeCouteu makes really bad “horror” movies.  The plots are ridiculous, the acting usually not good, and the budget is miniscule.  However… he does cast very, very hot guys, and they typically spend at least 60% of the movie (if not more) in their underwear.  Sean Faris is one of his discoveries.

Sometimes his movies have bondage, although not often.  Same goes for bare feet (they’re usually in socks).  But I’m happy to report that apparently his latest film has both, and I think it’s 1313 UFO Invasion.  (To my knowledge, never gagged… although admittedly I haven’t seen a lot of his more recent work.)  I originally found the caps on Just A Dream forum, so thanks to them for posting.

Now, while these pics may intrigue you, I do have to warn you again that the movies themselves are pretty bad.  So have your finger on the fast forward button.  🙂

While I haven’t seen a lot of his recent works, I did manage to catch a lot of his earlier ones.  In terms of eye candy, bare feet, and/or bondage, I recommend:  The Brotherhood (the original one, although I believe Part 2 or 3 is where you see a young Sean Faris.  No feet or bondage per se, but the eye candy is quite delicious), VooDoo Academy (for bondage in underwear and socks, and a lot of guys rubbing their chest while “hypnotized”), Ring of Darkness (for barefoot bondage, although not much of it), and my personal favorite, Leeches! (for lots of guys in Speedos, bare feet, and bondage).  I also enjoy that latter because I’ve been to one of the locations where they shot the film.  😉

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