Should I Sell? Competitions & Prizes?

So believe it or not, but I have quite a stockpile of worn, used shoes and socks.  And I think I may be willing to sell them.

But… and I always wonder this when I do see guys saying the same… what’s the best way to collect the money?  That’s always been a dilemma.  I suppose there’s PayPal, but 1) they frown on adult content, and 2) it may be too connected to some of my personal information.  I have thought of eBay… but again, they connect to PayPal.  So I’m not sure what other alternate methods of payment are available that still protect privacy.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Even if an option comes along, I probably won’t have the time to sell until the summer.  But if I start thinking about it now, I could maybe be ready to sell by then.

I will say that I have some really rancid, crusty, smelly pairs of socks.  But I can also have cleaner ones, too, if that’s what floats your boat.  At the moment, most of the shoes are not as smelly anymore, but come the summertime, I can rewear them again barefooted and raise some stink for you.  If that’s what you want.  And if you’re visiting this blog, chances are you do.  😉  Really, I would do what I can to accommodate requests.

Also, I’m even open to the idea of sending some off as prizes for some competitions of sorts.  Such as writing a hot story, voting on the hottest reader submissions, coming up with humiliating tasks for some of my online slaves (or maybe even me!), etc.  Anyone interested in such events later on?  Submit your ideas to me!

*     *     *

Speaking of consumer items, did you see the new Mr. S. Leather Leg Sack?  So very hot!  Anyone wanna buy it for me?

My only minor issue.. I wish the feet were detachable, so you could have access to them if desired.  But still, pretty damn hot.

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