For the rest of us…

You are not alone.

We’ve all been beginners once. If you don’t get to play often or have meets, or can only fantasize about what you see in blogs, you are not alone.

This blog started off that way, in fact.  It started as a very basic website where I posted pics about what I’d like done to me. (Click and scroll down to “The History of Baring My Sole”)

Now, it seems I’m a fairly noted blog, and I happen to have a great BF who indulges me in a great many things I had only dreamed about before.

Also because of this blog (and the internet in general), I’ve run across more newly discovered kinks that I didn’t even know I had (lycra, heroes, gunge, and chastity come to mind).

Still, even I remain very envious of many of the other blogs and profiles I run across.  They discuss going to the fetish events, play parties, meeting up with others, group sessions.  None of which I’ve done before.  I’ve mentioned this before, but despite running this blog and being pretty out there in the fetish internet world, I really don’t get out to the fetish community in person (aside from my own boyfriend, of course).  I rarely meet up with other people for play, or even chat with them in person.  I’ve never been to IML, Up Your Alley, CLAW, etc.  It’s mostly a personal choice, and largely to protect our own private lives, which my BF is fairly fanatical about.  But there are times I itch for more.

I imagine most people who visit this blog are either like me, or like how I was before:  envious of what you see online, of what you see pics of, of what you see other people doing, of the experience they have.

Well, you are not alone.

We were all newbies to the scene once.

And despite my successes here, and even given the great play I have with my BF, I still feel much like a newbie.  And scared and insecure to meet more experienced play guys, and intimidated to attend parties and events.

I guess that’s why I enjoy working and playing with newbies, whether it be in person or online.  Because deep down, I feel like I’m one of them.

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