Chastity Fantasy

So I ordered myself a Birdlocked belt.  I love the idea and comfort of this device, being a bit more pliable.  But there’s a big problem for me.  My balls are so high and tight, I can’t even get them through the ring.  And if I do, they slip out immediately.  Making it pretty useless to me.  So that was sort of a waste of money.  (Although I have since shipped it off to a friend… so it’ll still get put to good use.)

This really saddens me, because there’s something I really would like to try that only the Birdlocked series seems to provide:  a spiked cage.

Find this little item at Mr. S.

So unless I find otherwise (and I have had a generous offer from a reader to perhaps try another device), I’m stuck with the CB-6000s.  Which is fine, I’m really getting the knack of it and am finding it comfortable overall (although I’m not sure if I’ll be doing weekly/monthly wear.  Just a few days at a time).

But as far as I know, the CB-6000 series doesn’t have any sort of spiked cage option.  If anyone knows of any way to sort of jerryrig one, or knows of a separate attachment, let me know.  Because I’m finding it too easy to feel hard in mine.  I think it’d be fun to have it be a bit more punishing in this department.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Or should we just be writing the company requesting this option?

Also, on a quick side note, I took down the TwitPic preview widget from the far right sidebar.  Not because I’m not sharing pics, but now you can upload them to Twitter directly, and when you do, they don’t show there.  So it had looked like I hadn’t upload a pic in over a month.  In fact, I had posted the following pics (and more!), in case you’ve missed them:

Shirt I saw in a store


Found in a local history museum.  Wanted to try it on so badly.


Ad for a mattress.  Can I get two of the barefoot and shirtless guy, please?


Candid male shoes


Candid male feet

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