Day: May 28, 2012

Thoughts of an Online Master: Virtual Tickling

So I was recently on, and a young lad IM’d me, seeking possible tickle play.  Turns out he’s pretty far away from me, but he asked me to describe to him what I’d do to him.

I’ve said it before that I’m generally not interested in tickling.  But that more being tickled. When it comes to tickling someone else, especially if they’re tied up, I don’t have as much of a problem.  I admit it’s not the first thing that comes to my mind, but I’m only happy to oblige a victim who really gets off on it.  And to be honest, I’ve actually acquired quite a few tickling implements from the 99 Cent Store.  So who wants a turn?  😉

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I did ask this guy repeatedly for permission to post this.  I never heard back.  So I have changed the screen name to something fictitious (at least, as far as I know… if it does match anyone, it’s entirely coincidental), and removed any specific references there may have been.  The result is pretty generic, and I feel poses absolutely no threat to this person’s anonymity.  However, if the original poster feels otherwise, feel free to contact me, and I’ll remove it/change whatever you want.  But it was kinda just too hot not to post.

ticklishslaveboi:  if we did [meet] what would u do to me
TFG:  first, I’d put a collar around your neck
TFG:  then force you to your knees
TFG:  and make you take off my shoes and socks with your mouth
ticklishslaveboi:  and then
TFG:  I’d tie your hands behind your back and have you kiss my feet a bit first
TFG:  i’d push you to the floor, and shove my feet up your shirt
TFG:  with my other foot covering your face
TFG:  while you kiss it
TFG:  you’d beg me to tickle you
ticklishslaveboi:  i would
TFG:  but it’d be hard to hear you with my toes wriggling inside your mouth
TFG:  I’d start by wriggling my toes into your armpits
TFG:  you’d buck and bolt, but you’d be held firmly down by my feet
TFG:  after tormenting you, i’d flip you over onto your stomach and hogtie you
TFG:  I’d remove your shoes, and have your bury your face into them, breathing them in
TFG:  and i’d gently brush against your socks, causing you to shudder and twitch
TFG:  just light touches, at first
TFG:  you’d barely be able to take it
TFG:  you enjoying this so far?
ticklishslaveboi:  yessss
TFG:  i bet that big dick of yours is pretty hard by now
ticklishslaveboi:  now that ur tickling my feet yes
TFG:  i’d run the edge of my fingernail ever so gently against your sock
TFG:  up and down, repeatedly
TFG:  slowly at first
TFG:  then gradually, faster and faster
ticklishslaveboi:  gigglinggg
TFG:  your squirms increase, but you can’t go anywhere against your bonds
TFG:  i cover my hand with your mouth, suppressing your cries
TFG:  then i gently stroke my hands up and down your sides
ticklishslaveboi:  AHHAHAHAH
TFG:  finding every vulnerable spot
TFG:  i run my fingers madly all over your sides, like spiders running of your body
TFG:  you can barely take it, can you?
TFG:  beg me to stop, boi
TFG:  you can beg all you want, boi… but I can tickle you all I want
TFG:  And I’m not done with you, either
TFG:  because now I’m slowly going to remove your socks…
TFG:  peeling them over ever so slowly, and teasing them with my fingertips gingerly… so that the soles of your feet bristle
ticklishslaveboi:  OMG PLEASE NO NOT BARE
ticklishslaveboi:  f***KKKKKK
TFG:  oh, yes, bare
TFG:  those feet are mine
TFG:  aren’t they, boi?
ticklishslaveboi:  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
TFG:  I think I have to gag that mouth of yours with your sock
TFG:  in it goes…
TFG:  now I can do anything i want to your feet
TFG:  and you can’t protest
ticklishslaveboi:  MMMMMMMMM
TFG:  just moan
TFG:  i tentatively run my fingertips all over your soles
TFG:  your feet are already squirming, so i tie your big toes together
TFG:  so they really can’t go anywhere, and they are completely helpless
TFG:  i run my fingers inbetween your toes
TFG:  and each touch is electric, isn’t it?
TFG:  sends shivers down your entire body
TFG:  your dick is about to burst, isn’t it?
ticklishslaveboi:  MMMMMMMMM
TFG:  but it’s about to get worse
TFG:  because then you feel something wet on your soles
ticklishslaveboi:  MMMMMM
TFG:  and you realize it’s my tongue… just the tip
TFG:  teasing
TFG:  darting all over your feet
ticklishslaveboi:  AHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM
TFG:  your whole body jolts, so i sit on top of you to insure you don’t get away
TFG:  i slowly lean my face into your bound feet
TFG:  i rub my nose into your soles first
TFG:  then i grab your toes, pull them back, and lick between them quickly
TFG:  you just feel sliding wetness all over them, like an eel
TFG:  you can barely contain yourself, and i press that sock into your mouth a bit deeper to silence you
TFG:  and just when you can’t take anymore, i wash my tongue all over your soles
TFG:  every inch
TFG:  slobbering my tongue over every tender piece of foot flesh
TFG:  and my fingers attack the wet, slippery surface without mercy
ticklishslaveboi:  wow im wayyy to ticklish for u to really get my feet
ticklishslaveboi:  ur good