Day: May 29, 2012

Trample Fantasy

Ran across a fab profile on FootGuys from TrampleFantasy (or Zakra on deviantART).  Loved his pics, and with his permission, posting a small sample of them here!

I especially love the bottom pic.

Don’t we all wish this could happen to us?  And I’m not even really into trampling, but this could be changing my mind.

In case you are wondering about the titles of the pics, they are:

ReadyOkGo (POV)
Symmetry (Heels in mouths)
Your Turn (Gun)
Boys Will Bond (Part 3 of 5 – Vampire/Leather pants/Arm Sleeves)
Zakra ID (Foot on face)
From The Shadows (Recliner worship)
You are in Trouble (Picture Story)
He also requested I post his email, in case you’d like to contact him.  He’s pretty open to posting his other pics, as long as you ask first: