Month: June 2012

Reader Contribution: Pasha at the Bondage Hotel, Part 2

Okay, these are my favorite pics of Pasha so far. Very hot bondage, and great views of his feet. You can see why I wanted to keep them to myself for so long. 😉

Hot damn, do I love his foot here.

What I would do to this boi and his feet…

Now, he has told me all the pics he’s submitted so far were from his own archive collection.  He says he will work on more specific request pics.  I requested more close ups of his feet, preferably bound, and more gagged pics.  Let’s cross our fingers & toes, and you’ll all be the first to know when it happens!

TFG: BF Bondage Class turns into a slave sesssion

So my BF has been viewing the BoundJocks bondage videos.  And he loves to practice.  So on what turned out to be my final night of chastity (after four days), he decided to practice some of his newfound techniques on me in our living room.

First up came the armbinder.  Once accomplished, he led me to the bed and pulled it up strappado style for a few pics for you all.

Satisfied, he went on to try the body harness.  But I think you’ll have to wait until next week to see those pics…


Sometimes, just wanting it when it’s so close to you is torment, isn’t it?  You know they wanna suck it, but you only let them lick it.  Gotta warm up that mouth and tongue of theirs…

Make him beg for it.  Plead.  Whimper.  And then keep it just out of reach.

Yeah, keep that mouth open, boi… and take whatever we put inside.