Day: June 3, 2012

Am I a sub or a Dom?

With the increasing popularity of my blog comes more requests from guys who want me to tie them up. Which I find interesting, because in general, I consider myself more of a sub (note that most original content pics have me as the one tied up). If I had to put it into percentages, I’d say I’m at least 80% sub.  While I do have an interest in doming, truth be told, I don’t tie up my BF all that much.

Why?  Party, I really have to be in the mood.  Secondly, I just feel he’s much better at it than I am.  Based on the compliments I get about my pics where he’s done the tying, I feel it’s true.  And there may be an aspect of the, “been together for so long we each other too well” syndrome.  In other words, we’ve already explored so much, there’s not as much surprise anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very much happy with him, and enjoy the sex.  But I do know pretty much exactly what he’s into, as he does me.  I know how he ties me up, and part of me doesn’t think I could do it any better to him… so I don’t even try.  Besides… I like being tied up anyway, especially in my superhero gear.  So I guess this makes me more of a sub.

Although the strange part is that if I were playing with someone else, I think I would prefer to top and be Dom.  Part of it is trust… I don’t want to be tied up by someone I don’t know well.  But mostly, I think I like seeing other guys tied up (especially twink and twink types) too much to pass up.  I mean, when I seek out pics to post for this blog, it ain’t exactly work.  😉  And as you have seen in the past with Restwalker and SBS_justin, I think I enjoy doming and humiliating other guys who are into being owned.

There’s also a part of me that enjoys working with beginners into bondage.  They’ll just be happy to be bound, period.  Nothing else is necessary.  (Well, maybe some foot play, if they’re up for it.)  I think more experienced guys would want to go further–more than I’d be comfortable with.  I do have a BF, and I don’t want to share my cock with anyone else–that is non-negotiable with me.  That would probably be a let down, if not a deal breaker, for more experienced guys, or guys with open relationships.  Which I’d perfectly understand.  Still, this limits the amount of guys I’d be able play with, not even throwing my busy schedule into the mix.  To be frank, since I don’t get to meet up with too many other guys, I don’t get to explore this dom side very often.  It may be because of that very reason that I do obsesses about it a bit.  It makes me excited to be a dom, particularly online.

So… does this make me more of a Dom or a sub?  I’m not sure.  And I’m not even sure the word “switch” works here, either.  Any thoughts?