Day: June 17, 2012

TFG: Long(ish) Term Chastity Saga, Part 2

So as you may recall, I left off after spending 15 hours in the steel belt.  But after sleeping without any device for the night (and avoiding any play), I wanted to push myself a bit.  I went directly to the CB-6000 the next morning.  My goal was to wear it for a full 24 hours.  Well, if you’ve been following my twitter, I just missed it.  I ended up waking up in the morning in a fair amount of pain.  I spend a bit of time on my stomach, and when I’m on my side, my legs can really pinch together, which wasn’t helping my balls.  So I removed it just 4 hours short of my goal.  🙁

Of course, the next morning, I referred back to this article (and how come I never read these things until after the fact?), and in the section marked “Sleeping”, it described nearly exactly what happened to me to a T.   Although basically just saying it’ll get better doesn’t help much, I do appreciate the point of lubing up the ring before going to bed.

In any case, after that first failed night, I immediately went to put it back on for the next day.  During the day, I have no problem with it at all.  And armed with the lube-before-bed tip, I tried to sleep in it again that night.  Any you know what?  While still not entirely comfortable, I was able to sleep without pain.  I made it through.  So my first full 24 hour period was achieved.  And discounting the 4 hour break I had the night before, it had been 48 hours.  Add in the 15 hours of the steel, and I’m getting up there.  For a newbie to this, it was starting to add up and feel good.

Then an unfortunate surprise… the morning of my second night, my balls were pinching again, and quite badly.  And even lube was not helping.  So with a bit of regret, I removed it one more time.

But only to go right back to the steel belt.  While it was pinching a bit, on the advice of the donor who gave it to me, I adjusted the angle of the belt a bit.  And it was much, much better.  The pinching didn’t go away entirely, and every once in a while, if I’m at just the right angle, a little sting will crop up–but that’s basically the nature of most male chastity devices.  They’re built to pinch the balls.

I spent all day in the Steel Belt before finally getting to cum.  And while I didn’t accomplish all nights wearing a belt (although I didn’t cum during those “free” nights anyway), it was four full days and two full nights of chastity.  Not bad for a beginner, who had not even made a full 24 hour period prior to trying this.

Still not much compared to many of you, I know, but a pretty big step for me.  Keep in mind I’m very new to this.  Also keep in mind my BF isn’t even the one keeping the key.  I do this to myself, and often without even telling him.  Partly because I feel I’m still in the experimental stages, I want access to the key in case of emergency (sort of like that first night).  Also, I sort of like the idea of literal self denial.  I chatted with Restwalker, who says he can stay chaste just because he’s told not to, and doesn’t necessarily need a device (although I’ve forced him to wear one… which he just talked about on his own blog).  While I admire his willpower, I really like having it on as a reminder, and having a constant reminder I’m a kept guy.  Like I said, I tend to be a once a day jack off guy, squeezing out a quickie while I’m at my computer, often in the process of searching for pics for this blog.  Now that isn’t an option.  I even did two online slave sessions whilst I was in chastity (maybe I’ll tell you about them one day, but these guys sort of want to remain private), and believe me, if I hadn’t been wearing it at the time, I definitely would’ve shot a few loads over those.

I’m certainly never going to be breaking any longevity records, that’s for sure.  As it turned out, my BF wanted me available to play after that fourth day. And in the future, once I return to work, I can’t wear it due to my attire–it doesn’t exactly hide it very well, so it would have to come off in that situation.  And I do tend to be working a lot on odd jobs, even while I’m on “vacation”.  And as much as I enjoy this, I enjoy being employed more.  But that said, I’m going to be wearing it for as many hours as I possibly can, for as long as I possibly can.  I don’t need months, but I would like to go for a week.

And now, since I’ve worn two very different devices, I thought it could be interesting to compare the looks of both beneath underwear.

Side by side comparisons of profiles and bulges.

You can see the bulge on the CB-6000 is pretty pronounced and distinct.  The steel belt is a much more natural profile.  Even though it may not appear so with the flat top portion, that part doesn’t call any attention whatsoever once regular clothes are on.  However, you, can see how the sides and back of the underwear are very awkward where the belt bulges a bit above waist level.  That can be played with and adjusted, but the belt is going to move around a bit throughout the day, depending on how active you are.  So you really need to dress over it.  While the CB-6000 maintains your waistline.

I think the pretty clear point to this is there is no such thing as the “perfect” chastity device.  Just what works best for you in the situation you’re in, as well as your own comfort level.  But I’m glad I have two very different options.  I’m guessing I’ll be using both fairly often, although I lean a bit towards the CB-6000, especially in the upcoming hot summer months… that rubber part of the belt will not be pleasant if I’m sweating outside.

Oh, by the way, you may be wondering how things went with my BF when he did decide he wanted me to cum.  Well, I’ll be posting about that on Saturday.  And you won’t want to miss it…