Day: June 18, 2012


So it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Thanks for your patience.  To make up for it, he’s a post with a bit of everything.  These pics don’t really have any sort of theme aside from being hot in their own way.

First up, some bondage in Flip Flops.  There needs to be more of this.

Okay, there are women in this pic.  But damn, look at the guy in the table.  Awesome humiliation.

Love the way the arm is connected to the foot.  Very hot position.

Super hot suspended mummy.  And super hot feet to abuse and worship, too.

Hellooooo, footjbob

Hot art.

So I do kiss his socks or smell his shoes first?

Oh, to be that exercise equipment.

This is the best kind of cowboy.

Pretty funny and hot.