Reader Contribution: Bondyboi Pup play

BondyBoi is a good friend of mine that I’ve been chatting with for a while.  He just started up his own blog, and he recently told me about a 3 way pup play session he had.  With his permission, I’m reposting it here.  Sorry there are no pics, but it is very hot!

The puppy play session was at my friend’s apartment. He asked me to come with my toys for some play, so i came. There was already his boyfriend siting on the couch and i have seen him for the first time in my live. He was hot (like my friend is too :P). We chatted for a while and than my friend took me to the bathroom, where i was ordered to strip naked immediately and kneel. He grab a leather collar and put it on me, locking it in place and i got instantly hard. Then leather wrist and ankle restraints were secured in place too, but not chained together. He blindfolded me with a leather padded blindfold and ballgagged me. Still kneeling he pushed my head to the floor and my arms behind my back and ordered me to stay like that until he came back. Which was in a short moment, he only went to grab a lube in his bedroom. Than he lubed up my hole and slowly pushed my puppytail buttplug inside 🙂 It was a little uncomfortable at the start, since the plug is quite big. But when the plug was all inside the feeling changed to a good one and i started to wag my tail, to show him how happy puppy i am 🙂 He patted my head, added a chain to my collar and led me out of the bathroom, me plugged with puppy tail, blindfolded, collared, ballgagged and on all fours.

In the living room he ungagged me and i was forced to lick his BF’s feet and soles. I did it for the first time, and i can say i liked that. Not because of the feet, i am not much into it as you know. But because i was just a dog forced to do that and i had to obey 🙂 To make it short, i spend next hour or maybe more on my knees. Sucking off both his and his BF’s dicks, licking their balls and so. And at the end they both cum all over me 🙂 I liked that. The moment i loved the most was when i was sucking his BF’s dick, while he sits on the couch, i was on my four in front of him, gagged with his dick. And my friend kneeled behind me, and pretended to fuck me, while he was only pushing on the but plug in my ass. What a feeling anyway! I’ve got promised that he will fuck me next time, if i will be a good boy like i was 🙂

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