Day: July 1, 2012

TFG Bodyharness tied to chair, being a blind slave

Continuing from last week, where my BF was experimenting with some rope bondage…

Satisfied, he went on to try the body harness.  Since he had some extra rope after the fact, and he found my wrists still had a bit of play, he improvised a few extra ties at the end going down the sides and the center of my back.  While maybe not as aesthetically pleasing, they did the job.

Wearing the body harness, my BF lead me to a chair and had me sit.  He anchored down the body harness to the back of the chair, and then pulled another rope to secure my legs and ankles.  He gagged me with duct tape, and then to my surprise, pulled a Neoprene Cocksucker Hood over my head, and then for extra measure, put an Ultra Blindfold over the hood.  I really couldn’t see a thing.  And then:  he didn’t do anything.  For a while.  Leaving me to stew, struggle, moan, and wonder what was going to happen next.

As it turns out, the next thing I heard was the sound of my camera turning out, and the sound of pics being taken.  Which I enjoy, because I know it’ll get all of you off, too.  After a round of photos, there was another eternal pause before I felt my tits get tugged at.  I have sensitive nips as it is, so it doesn’t take much to get me going.  He tweeks, teases, and abuses them for a bit.  Oh, and if my crotch looks a little funny, well, remember I’m still in my CB-6000 after four days (a record for me) of cum denial.

You can see the duct tape gag underneath.  It was loose at the point because my BF had ordered me to break though it to answer his command.

Eventually, he unties me and leads me, still hooded and in chastity, to the bedroom.  He orders me to crawl onto the bed, and informs me that while he’s going to lie back and jerk himself off, I’m to do what he says to help him cum.  He orders me to kneel on the bed next to his side.  He pulls off the duct tape (still leaving me hooded), and I respond, “Yes Sir.  It will be an honor to serve you, Sir.”

My BF loves to get his nipples tweeked, and they can take a lot.  It’s sort of become my specialty over the years to find different ways to play with them.  Fortunately, I also enjoy doing it to him a lot, as his nips seem to be directly wired to his cock.  It’s something I never really tire of.

So he tells me I’m going to work on his nips.  But he tells me very specifically he wants me to take them in my fingertips, pinch them hard, and twist them back and forth, pulling hard.  It’s a little difficult to find them at first hooded, but I manage and obey.  He also orders me to use my mouth on his tits.  Once indulged, he tells me to go back to using my fingertips.  As I do so, he grabs my tits and gives me a taste of my own medicine.  Being more sensitive (and no longer gagged), I cry out.  He tells me to keep quiet, and take the pain.  It isn’t easy, and there’s a lot of low moans and grunting through my teeth.  But my BF seems pleased.

Then he commands me to suck his cock.  I’m told to sit between his legs and start sucking.  I’m also to reach up and continue working on his tits as I do so, and that I’m to thank him for it.  “Thank you for the honor of sucking your dick, Sir,” I say through a mouthful.

He decides it’s time for him to cum, but, “You’re not worthy to taste my cum out of my dick.  So you’ll lick it off my chest when I’m done.”  He orders me to tweek his nips more in the meantime, and I finally hear him moan furiously.  He grabs my head down and tells me to stick out my tongue.  I do, and lap up the fresh, warm cum puddles and lines all over his chest as he guides my head around.

Finished, he orders me to sit on my knees, hands behind my back while he cleans up.  He tells me that although I’ve been in chastity for 4 days, he wants to see me cum.  But I’m to lie back and jerk myself off.  However, he does grab one of my smelly socks, and forces it over my nose with one hand, and with the others, grabs and squeezes my balls.  I don’t have to tell you that after four days of my balls being pinched already, they were quite sensitive.  He said he could feel the full loads inside them.  After a few mere minutes, I manage to shoot my load.

But I did something I’ve never done before:  I came twice.  Just as I was about to orgasm, I felt cum oozing out of my cock.  There wasn’t an orgasm with the sensation, just a slight consciousness that cum was drizzling out of my dick.  And about 2 seconds after that, the wave hit me.  Now, surprisingly, I didn’t shoot especially far, or in the volume I expected after four days of denial (which, remember, is a lot for me.  I tend to cum at least once a day).  But the double cumming was interesting.

On a side note, I have noticed over the years that just because I don’t jerk off for a while has nothing to do with how far I shoot.  Even I haven’t exactly figured out when I become a distance shooter.  It’s quite rare for me, actually.  I think I just have to be especially, intensely, turned on.  All the right feelings have to coincide.  But when I do, it’s like a laser beam going over my head.

All in all, it was quite the epic experience.  My BF claims he’s really not that much into being a Sir/Master–he’s way more just into the act of bondage–but for a beginner, he’s off to a good start.