Day: July 3, 2012

Celebrities: Eye Candy, Feet, and Bondage

A bit of a celeb mishmash.

First, a pro-kink PETA ad from Jensen Ackles.  I posted this to my twitter account sometime ago.  See what you’re missing if you’re not following me?

Next, a guilty pleasure.  While channel surfing, I ran into a show called Dance Academy.  Saw these two cuties, Jordan Rodrigues and Tom Green.  Very cute (and yes, over 18).

Next, what would a celeb post be without at least a few pics of Zac?

Next up, the hot and very gay supportive Josh Hutcherson.

Next, the feet of George Stults.  Nice toe wriggling!

Big Time Rush member Kendall Schmidt.

The very cute toes of Lucas Grabeel.

Finally, Mario Lopez.  Who I once at lunch right next to, no lie.  Again, you gotta be checking my twiter!

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