Red, White, and Bind! Guest post from TheUAJock

So if TheUAJock gives you something to post, you do it.  And being a foot guy, this is a pretty delicious little tease.  I have to admit, I did ask him for foot pics.  He says his feet are a bit beat up from all the athletics… and he wants to save some of “the goods” for me.  Fine.  I’ll take what I can get for now.

So first off, he sends the Red…

The white…

…and the Bind.  Well, that’s what he told me.  I think he’s messing with me.  But I’m still not complaining.  Yet.  

(And I think all this teasing I’m doing may get me in some serious trouble later.  But he started it.)

In any case, you all have an explosive 4th of July in the States!  I will be posting more of my adventure with TheUAJock this weekend.  Sadly, it’s not necessarily kinky… but it still was quite the experience.  Just wait and see.

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