Day: July 8, 2012

Meeting TheUAJock

I was recently in Denver, and I took the opportunity to meet up with TheUAJock.  I’m sure most of you know his work on GearFetish.  He’s quite famous for his sports gear, love of Under Armour (duh), and his very creative mummifications.  I’ve posted some of his work here, and quite a bit on Captured Heroes (where it’s a bit more appropriate, as the majority of it is gear related bondage).

The tape on the mummy is the state flag of Colorado, where he currently resides.

At the top, TheUAJock teasing one of his victims.

Teasing another with his UA socked feet.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I hoped we’d play.  But both my boyfriend’s permission and logistical situations didn’t work out, so it was really just a meet and greet (which I did have the BF’s permission for).  Nothing kinky, just lunch and hanging out.  That said, it was a great time.

So, based on what I now know of him, I can say I really enjoyed his company.  And he was surprisingly nice and funny.  I sort of had a different impression of him based on his own pics, where he comes across quite stern.  But he confessed that he doesn’t like the way he looks in pictures when he smiles.  Too bad, he actually has a great one.  😉

We headed out for a lunch on Denver’s 16th Street Mall, a big and touristy shopping district.  And I have to say that I did quite the grilling on him.  Not unlike my time with Atlloki, I guess I really took this as a chance to get a closer look at the people who are really active in the community by asking a lot of questions. 

Now, some of the things I learned from our discussions:

  • There’s a lot that happens “behind the scenes” in his pics.  I don’t want to spoil things, but he told me a few good stories.
  • When he first works on you, he spends about an hour or two.  Once he gets to know you and your limits, specific kinks and tolerances, they can increase from anywhere to 3-6 hours or more.
  • While he’s a super nice guy, he can turn into an evil, cruel, and devious (although still oddly playful at the same time) guy once he has you where he wants you.  You’ve been warned.
  • He has a lot of ambitious kink related business plans: an ebook, his own bondage equipment, and a possibly more involved kinky business venture.  If any of them pan out, I’ll be happy to post about them here.  But they all sound cool.
  • Yes, he is thinking about doing a blog of his own.  But you don’t want to know his tech problems.  Let’s just say I don’t want him touching my computer.  😉  That said, I hope he does it.  If so, I will definitely be linking to it here.
  • He showed me one of his main secrets to acquiring a lot of gear cheaply.  And let’s just say that the last place I thought I’d be with a fellow kinkster would be shopping at TJ Maxx and Ross (which are basically discount stores, for you international folk).  But–who knew?–those clearance racks can sometimes come through with affordable active wear and gear.  He even found a pair of baseball pants.  He does also mention the Under Armour website as a good place to buy stuff you can’t always find in the stores.
  • While then visiting a Sports Authority store (where else?), he did try on a UA shoe for me, so I could see his socked foot.  A 9.5 US, which actually makes me happy, because I’m only an 8 myself, so I certainly don’t mind smaller feet.  No, I didn’t get to smell his sock, foot, or boot.  We were in a public store with cameras around.  Not that I didn’t think about it anyway, though. Believe me.  Dammit.  I probably should have.
  • Uh, did I mention he bought a couple of things at each store?  His closets at home must be overflowing.  Not that I’m complaining.
  • After shopping, he walked me around the Arts & Museum Civic Center Cultural Complex.

In total, we spent about 4 hours together.  And the time just flew by!  He couldn’t have been nicer.  And even more so… he allowed me to ride on his motorcycle on the way to Sports Authority.  Sitting right behind him, grabbing him in front and leaning into him.  And I got to wear his helmet and UA backpack. I’m not going to lie, it was my first time actually riding on a motorcycle, let alone with someone else driving it.  But it was hot, and a minor fantasy come true.  😉

So, will I be playing with him in the future?  Only time will tell.  I submitted to him a portion of this post to make certain he was okay with what I said.  He said to talk more about “the evilness inside of him.”  Since I didn’t get to play with him, I didn’t get to see it firsthand.  But after the stories he told me of what he does to some of his victims, I believe it.

There, Sir, I said it.  So now may I lick that foot that you’ve been dangling just an inch past my lips for the last 10 minutes?


*laughter and taunting voice as he starts the timer over again*

Evil bastard.

That’s what I imagine, in any case.  Now let me think about what color duct tape I want to buy to make it happen.