Happy Birthday to the Blog! Let’s have a fetish party!

So it was 7 years ago today that I started this blog.  Can you believe it?  In a way, the first four and half years don’t count for as much.  I rarely posted, and it was typically either unkinky life stories (although if you dig a bit, you can find the posts where I first met and fell in love with my current wonderful boyfriend–as well as read about some of the mixed dates I had before then) or a teaser update to my site (which is now defunct… this blog sort of took it over) rather than pics.  It’s only been since about 2009/2010 that I’ve been posting mostly pics daily, and it really took off to where it is now.  I’ve sort of even settled into a bit of a schedule, if you haven’t noticed:

  • Sundays are usually life stories, news, or kinky observations
  • Monday-Fridays are assorted kinky pic posts with different themes each day, often with feet being highlighted on Fridays (although not always–gotta change it up sometimes)
  • Saturdays are typically original posts from me or original reader contributions

I vary it occasionally (like this week, in fact, which will be nearly all reader contributions), but that’s the gist of it.  If you want to read more about the history of this blog, visit my About TFG page and scroll down.

This blog has sort of taken over my life.  I spend quite a bit of time sitting in front of my computer, gathering pics and prepping posts.  It can take hours, and it can get grueling, tiring, and a bit like a job sometimes–except I don’t get paid.  And it’s on top of my regular day job.  But I really have to admit… I get a lot of satisfaction from it, too.  Especially when hearing from fans, getting questions, and meeting various people (such as Attloki and TheUAJock).  I really look forward to that, so feel free to write me anytime.  I love hearing from you guys, and it gives me the motivation to continue.

It also helps me if you click the links at the left or on my Shopping page and buy stuff.  It doesn’t cost you any extra, but a portion of your purchase will be donated back to me.  So buy much and buy often, lol.  I’d use the money to purchase more items, gear, and equipment to use for here.  Broke or can’t afford to buy anything?  Then take just a quick minute and vote for my blog.  You don’t need to sign up, and it’s fast and free.  Although hopefully only 4 or 5 stars only, please.  😉

In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d post some pics that represent a little bit of each of my current fetishes.  Feet, shoes, socks, bondage, abuse, twinks, chastity, worship, gunge, and gags.

Now this is a party…

I think I love seeing the act of a guy getting tie up as much as the finished product.

Sockgagged, tied, and gunged?  I’ll clean it off…

Happy Birthday to the Blog, indeed!

And a bit of nerdy statistical trivia, if this sort of thing interests you… at last check (which was a few days ago), according to the site Alexa, my blog is the #554,415 top website in the world.  For being a gay fetish blog, which is a pretty niche market, I think that’s pretty damn good.  In the US, I’m in the top 250,000.  Other interesting news from Canada… you make up nearly 60% of my views, and I’m currently the top 22,000 top sites in all of Canada.  For a while, I was the top 1,100 site in Vancouver.  Damn, are you guys kinky there or what?  Big shout out to Canada!  Not quite sure what I’m doing so right over there, but I’m glad!  Anyone want to sponsor a trip for me to visit there sometime?  😉

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