Thoughts of an Online Master: Why I enjoy it so much

I realize most guys would prefer the real thing. But I suppose in my situation, being happily partnered, I almost prefer the relative safety and distance of an online Master/slave relationship.

I find it quite easy to be a Master online.  Maybe because I can take a bit of time and think about my next move, and not have to worry what I look or sound like.  As I’ve done it more, it’s now almost becoming instinctive.  In fact, I often surprise myself with how demanding and kinky I tend to get when I’m on an online chat.  I’ve coming up with self-abuse devices that I’m not so sure I’d be able to pull off in real life.

It also puts me at ease, because in real life, I’m not exactly an expert roper.  In fact, I’m quite novice.  A lot of people assume that just because I’m good at finding kinky pics and posting them, it means I know how to do those ties.  And when I do post pics of myself… well, I didn’t tie myself up.  That’s my BF.  (As you can see in the spontaneous post below.)  You don’t often see pics of my own handy work, and there’s a good reason for that.  I’m not that great at it.  So online, I don’t have to worry about this.

It can be difficult to find others with the same mindset.  I’ve also found that often, they will ultimately grow bored and move on.  I can understand that… for most, there’s only so much you can do online, and one would begin to crave a more real world experience.  It’s a fair point.

Interestingly enough, I had an online slave session not too long ago.  And at the end, the slave asked if I would ever record my voice Doming him.  I had to think about it, and I did try it.  I have since created a video (which does not show my face, in case you were wondering), but I’m not going to make it public.  You’ll have to earn my trust and dedication over a period of time before you do.

For me, I feel having a slave in person would be a bit too complicated emotionally and relationship wise.  Because I have no intention of leaving the monogamous relationship I have now.  Although my BF did raise a good point.  He’s more open to me playing with others if the other guy is already partnered.  That way, you’re lessening the chance of emotional confusion.  It can’t be eliminated, but it’s certainly easier to set boundaries if both parties have their own lone term partners.

So yeah… for a lot of you more experienced kink folk, online play isn’t your thing, or maybe something that’s not really worthy of your time.  And that’s totally fair.  But it works for me, and I enjoy it a great deal.  If I have right, and willing slave.  (Write me here if you think you’re that guy…)

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