Reader Contribution: John Locke, Part 1

Recently had victim John Locke want to do as he was told.  Well, actually, he’s not too into slave play.  But he does enjoy his bondage and gags, and wanted to try some lycra.  And even though he’s not into feet himself, his are pretty tempting, as you can see.  He was ordered to wear the same socks for at least 2-3 days, which he obediently did.

Initially meeting in a public location, he eventually was lead to the car.  He had expressed a bit of interest in kidnap play, so he was cuffed and placed in a spandex hood* and took him for a little drive.  (I hope Fossil9 is proud.)

Once settled, he was ordered to his knees to wait.  Soon enough, he found himself in a collar and leash.  Which is pretty much my standard look for slaves.  As he massaged my feet, there were discussions of limits.  Soon enough, he was crawling towards the bedroom for his first of many scenes.


He was interested in trying on the footed Robin outfit.  To be honest, he’s a tall guy, so it was a tighter fit than even the lycra was probably meant for.  Even so, he managed to find self in a hogtie and leather plug gagged.  His socks were left on in an effort to preserve the smell on his feet for later.  Even so, the odor of his feet through two layers of material was pungent.  Good thing his Master was cocklocked, or else he would have taken a bit too much advantage of his captive slave.





After some teasing, sniffing of his bound feet, and grabbing of his crotch, he was changed to an upright position, stripped of his cape.  The fun part about this?  If you look closely, the same leather plug gag was tied to the post as well, minimizing his head movement.  This left his body more vulnerable to teasing, and he had to really struggle to see what being done, even though he wasn’t blindfolded (just masked, as the caped crusader ought to be).  So it was generally still a surprise to him when he would suddenly feel a hand grabbing his dick.  And it was a pleasure to hear him moan into the gag.




Next up was a singlet and predicament bondage.  No cock access here, but that was the point.  Wanted to make the slave suffer a bit.  First did it with his hands bound behind him.  He was having some trouble staying upright, though, so an idea occurred to pull his arms forward.  Once strapped down in this unusual position, his Master sat behind him, as if hugging him from behind, and proceeded to tweek his nipples.  And since the slave had a ballgag underneath that hood, that meant plenty more moans for the Master’s listening amusement.





Stay tuned for more tomorrow…

*Okay it was a more basic hood at the time.  I’ve since purchased this hood with a blindfold sewn into it, which is what I would have used had I had it at the time.  For those of you who don’t know, a basic spandex hood is actually quite transparent for the wearer.

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